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Join my FREE Webinar where I share the secrets I have used to help transform the lives of 100’s of women world-wide, with Plant-Based Nutrition as the guiding force!

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ready for food freedom??

You likely understand that eating more fruits and vegetables is an important step toward healthier living, but eating right may not be so easy… and despite those amazing plant-based weight loss and health recovery stories out there, it’s not that straight forward for us all!

That’s why I’m hosting a free training where I am sharing with you how you can use plant-based nutrition to kickstart your bigger vision and reach your health and weight loss goals!

In this training you'll learn:

How to overcome self-defeating habits with nutrient-dense food

The secret to conquering your cravings, so you can stay on track

The truth about carbohydrates & how to eat more carbs for weight loss!

How to achieve sustainable weight loss and stay healthy no matter what your age!

hey there!

I'm Margot, your Holistic health Care Coach and Plant-Based Guide

I’m certified in Plant-Based Nutrition and I’m a Massage Therapist, Certified Personal Trainer, Health and Transformational Coach …and Teacher.  As an expert in health recovery, weight loss, fitness and mind-body transformation, I help women restore their health, lose weight and discover their personal power.  I look forward to sharing with you the secrets I’ve learned that will help you end the frustration of yo-yo diets, take charge of your health and clear the confusion about nutrition… so you can get on with living your most inspired and purposeful life in a healthy body you love to live in!  Hope to see you in the webinar!

Margot xo


I maintained the same weight since my daughter was born 25 years ago, never gained after that day, never lost more than a couple of pounds ... until now. Since I started working with Margot, I have shed over 55 pounds. I'm down a few sizes in jeans which makes me very happy!  


"I saw my general practitioner today and she gave me the comparison of what some of my numbers were (when we started) vs. now. She said the results were dramatic: Triglycerides: 209 down to 94, LDL: 132 down to 99, total cholesterol: 209 down to 164, and of course my total weight loss to date: 38 lbs! Thank you Margot! I never would have achieved this on my own!”


start now!

Start Eating For Optimal health!

Discover the keys to achieving your health goals and set yourself free from the limitations of excess weight and impaired health!

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